Orange berry mocktail

This year has been a bumper summer in the UK and it’s such a delight to spend time with good friends in our little garden. So when they showed up last weekend, I took an opportunity to try my hands on a new mocktail. This can be a wonderful cocktail too and you can just add some white rum.

So here you go – A fruity delicious drink suitable with or without alcohol.

What you will need (for 4 people)

1. 1/2 carton of orange juice

2. 1 big orange

3. Berries of your choice – I used red currants but I guess raspberry or strawberry will go well too!

4. Sprigs of fresh mint leaves

5 . 4 tbsp of sugar (1 for each glass)

6. A pinch of rock salt for each glass

7. Crushed ice


  • Blend half of your red currants in a blender to make a smooth paste. I didn’t mind the seeds but if you don’t like the seeds pass the paste through a sieve for a fine paste.
  • Take 4 tall glasses and at the bottom add some mint leaves. Mash the leaves slightly to release the flavours.
  • Squeeze 1/4 of the fresh orange in each glass
  •  Add 1 tbsp of sugar and pinch of rock salt
  • Divide the berry paste between the glasses on the top of the mint.
  • Fill the glass half way with crushed ice
  • Pour the orange juice over the top
  • Stir it all in to create a delicious fruity drink
  • Decorate the glass with the extra berries
  • Serve it chilled

Hope you love this recipe as much I did! Till the next ciao!

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