Stop being perfect!

pexels-photo-1007858.jpegYou are a woman, a wife, a mother, a daughter, a sister and a full time working professional. Each of these relationships are demanding and you want to do a good job in all of them. Do you think you can do justice to all of them at once? Let me tell you that being perfect all the time is so draining! I tried it for many years. I started working 16 years ago, moved countries, did a master’s degree after quitting my job and had many more experiences. I am a wife, the oldest child, a project manager and an agony aunt for many of my family members and sometimes my patience runs out. I soon realised I can’t be the perfect one each time. There were too many demanding people or situations and if I am perfect, then I must be a superwoman!

So I changed and started practising the following things:

  1. Start being kind to yourself – We women are very hard to ourself, always thinking of what we have missed starting from that morning alarm to that phone call to dad, to calling up the school to check on the kids, to finish that report before catching the train. Stop that right away! I soon realised that if I am not kind to myself, no one else will. So get that 10 minutes for you, sip your coffee with an empty mind, book that massage that you always want, miss that phone call to dad and call him after 30 minutes, let you child eat a shop bought sandwich for one time. The world will not end and you will feel so much better.pexels-photo-980245.jpeg
  2. Technology is your best friend– I am a big supporter of the technological developments in the last 20 years. Can you imagine your life without google? I couldn’t! There are so many things that have changed in the last few years and there are options available to you that never existed many years ago. You know what I am talking about – that online grocery app, the direct debits that you can set up through your account, the new ticket booking app. I hear so many people spending hours in the supermarket each week to pick up groceries – why do you want to devote an hour of your weekend to picking up potatoes and tomatoes? One can say well I can pick up the stuff I like – really? If you live in a country like UK, our supermarkets are pretty good. There are so many supermarkets that deliver goods to your door in your preferable slot so I don’t understand why one needs to spend time going to the store. If you like unripened bananas, just say so in the notes! Try it out for 4 weeks and you will see that it soon becomes a habit, a one that you are sure to keep!pexels-photo-955451.jpeg
  3. Find a hobby – I know as we grow up, we tend to lose our hobbies. I have as well but I have now found some new ones. They don’t need to be complicated, they should be anything that you like and that is you! Today there are so many places to find inspiration – Youtube, Pinterest, Instagram and many others and you can pick up anything that you like.

So here it is, three tips for you to start being the imperfect woman, it will be hard but trust these words from a fellow woman – we need to do this!

Hope you enjoyed my first post, do leave me feedback and till the next time, ciao!


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  1. Helen says:

    Too true, I’ve been trying to be all things to all people for most of my life. I realised last year that I can’t do it, some people were hurt and upset by my decision but had I carried on I would have been ill. People will take advantage of you if you keep on doing it and that isn’t fair. Good luck xx

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    1. yes, you did the right thing!If you don’t look after yourself, no one else well!


  2. arv! says:

    Your tips are quite practical and sane. Technology is to help us and save time rather than the other way around. Problem is when we wander off the course.


    1. Thanks! Yes there are pros and cons to technology and as everything pros are easier to pick up 😊


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